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Workplace Wellbeing

Most of us want to work in a harmonious environment. It has been demonstrated that happy employees are more productive, less stressed, take less sick leave and enjoy coming to work and are more likely to participate as a team player. Any employer would thus benefit from effective team work.

autumn leavesWe offer the following services:-


Assessing team function can be made via a two-step process involving the use of a team specific, confidential survey followed by individual interviews. We then provide management with a comprehensive report that provides a broad picture of the status of the team including suggestions and recommendations to best assist. Results are usually fed back to staff in facilitated sessions.


When the team has identified issues of concern we then work with the team and/or individuals to encourage these issues to be safely explored and to find ways to move forward. This usually results in an action plan formulated and agreed to by the team.


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Our experience has shown that the health of the team requires ongoing attention and review. This time allows the team and management to reflect upon and review how the team is travelling. Used on a regular basis it also allows team members to discuss any issues of concern but also can be a vehicle to practice techniques around conflict management, communication and negotiation. This builds confidence in the use of improved communication and conflict resolution techniques and can assist to bring about long term changes.


Managers and supervisors often report that they do not feel supported or possess the relevant skills to enable them to deal effectively with conflict or confronting behavior.

We can assist with providing a service that encourages managers to explore and reflect upon their practices, styles and techniques in dealing with their staff. If appropriate, alternative approaches can be considered and useful people skills developed.

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