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The key to many successful workplaces is the provision of training that is relevant, accurate, and regular.

gears working togetherAll employees can benefit from assessing their skill levels at dealing with workplace issues, and all employees can benefit from learning techniques to help when those skills are challenged. To assist you in that we offer training in those things that can be useful to you and your workplace.

These are:

Injury Management Coordinator Training

The delivery of the 9 units of competency required by Workcover to achieve the qualification of Injury Management Coordinator

Managing -  complex claims

Discussion forums are facilitated to provide opportunities to explore and consider claim progress and approaches

Managing  - workplace injuries

Discovering the principles of effectively helping injured workers return successfully to work


The principles of effective communication, and the issues surrounding why this is important. What to look for and how to deal with poor or non-existent communication.

Dispute Prevention and Resolution

Techniques to maintain conflict prevention. Why conflict exists and the opportunities that come from examining conflict. The principles around effective dispute resolution.

Maintaining teams

What to look for in your team, why team health and wellbeing is important and what you can do to maintain it.


The principles of working in a team, the dynamics and what can be positive as well as need improvement.

Dealing with difficult people and situations

Approaches to help to stay positive when dealing with difficult people and situations.

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