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Injury Management Assist

Workers compensation claims that result from a workplace injury and the management of that injury can present significant challenges for all parties. To assist in resolution of issues that may arise it is often beneficial to seek the assistance of qualified and experience practitioners. We offer such assistance to the public and private sectors.

Manage InjuryIn particular management of complex injuries, can at times, become difficult and frustrating leading to prolongation of rehabilitation and less than ideal outcomes. This can be from many causes and can lead to frustration both as a case manager, employer and injured worker.

What may be happening?

  • Lack of progress towards recovery
  • Employer indifference or lack of understanding
  • Family / social / personal issues
  • Impact of pre-existing conditions or workplace dysfunction
  • Frustration in parties
  • Impact on other team members
  • Communication issues with  medical and allied health providers
  • Insurer interests
  • Secondary psychological effects
  • Worker not engaged in RTW process
  • Suitable duties not available
  • Dependence issues

How Can We Help?

If you have an injury that is proving difficult to manage and is not progressing as you would hope we can assist you with the following services:

  • Claim / RTW review
  • Discuss concerns and suggest possible alternative approaches
  • Provide report with recommended strategies to address issues
  • Facilitate  discussion forums with stakeholders
  • Organize treatment reviews
  • Communicate with treating providers

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