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Our Services

When there are certain challenges that need to be addressed our services can provide you with solutions to enable you to move forward.

Water LillyWe specialize in the following areas:-

  • Dispute resolution through mediation, arbitration and facilitation
  • Workplace harmony through mediation and facilitation
  • Workplace injury management services such as Injury Management Coordination and claims and injury management assistance
  • Injury Management Coordinator and Return to Work Coordinator training
  • The design and development of Injury Management Programs and Systems
  • Commercial arbitrations including boundary fence arbitration

We offer a comprehensive statewide service delivered by professionals with extensive experience in working with individuals and group . Our services can be tailored to suit your needs including delivery in-house or one to one. Our aim is to assist you to move forwards.

For workplace mediation, conciliation & arbitration in Hobart Tasmania
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