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Andrew HemmingAndrew is a lawyer, mediator, arbitrator, facilitator, reviewer, trainer, publisher, and consultant specializing in work injury management and workplace wellbeing. Director of GetYes Solutions Pty Ltd, he has 30 years experience of workplaces in Tasmania, 20 years of which were spent in the Tasmanian State Service. GetYes Solutions has been involved in working in both the private and public sectors for a number of years providing mediation, arbitration, facilitation, staff surveying and team building. He is a former Chief Commissioner of the Workers Rehabilitation and Compensation Tribunal and Small Claims Magistrate, and a current Family Group Conference facilitator with DHHS Child and Family Services. He has worked as a reviewer for ACC in New Zealand and has been an Inquirer under the Tasmanian State Service Act.

Andrew is a qualified IAMA mediator and LEADR member.

As a qualified trainer and assessor Andrew has been training in the workers compensation arena in Tasmania for more than 10 years. He presents in-house and public training on workers compensation, and is a Tasmanian Skills Institute presenter for the BSBHRM509A Manage Return to Work Programs, as well as presenting his own Rehabilitation Coordinator training course. He has published a Workers Rehabilitation and Compensation Handbook for Tasmania. GetYes Solutions provides Injury Management Coordinator training for the introduction of the legislative requirements on 1/7/2010. GetYes Solutions is also working with government agencies and private enterprise to develop Injury Management Programs as required by those changes.

Andrew HemmingAndrew has given evidence to all the major inquiries into the Tasmanian Workers Compensation scheme from 1997 through to the recent Clayton Inquiry, as well as federal inquires into aspects of workers compensation, and has presented at the International Work Congress in Rome.

Andrew has also worked with organizational change and planning, and has experience of leading groups and working in particular with senior managers. As a consultant specializing in the consequences of workplace dysfunction Andrew has studied the results of employee dissatisfaction and has addressed many Injury Management Conferences, both interstate and overseas, on the need to find better ways to deal with that dysfunction. With an interest in workers compensation systems he has observed adaptation from adversarial claims processes to injury management techniques that better provide solutions for all. Therefore he is keenly interested in the working experience and the potential to improve that experience.

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