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Dispute Resolution

At times we may experience dispute and conflict in the workplace. This may be as a colleague, manager or individual. Conflict can take many forms and can in some cases be resolved easily but on occasion conflict can spiral out of control. This can lead to a major cost to your team and organization, and at an individual level can mean reduced productivity, lowered morale, reduced ability to effectively communicate, exclusion and even ill health.

The following services are available:

Dispute resolutionMediation

Mediation is a confidential process designed to allow two or more persons to explore issues of concern that they wish to resolve. It involves an exploration of needs and concerns, enabling outcomes to be reached which will assist them in their ongoing working relationship. The process is independently run by our mediator or mediators at a neutral venue.


Arbitration is a process whereby, with agreement between the parties, we provide an    independent arbitrator who makes a decision about the issue that needs arbitration. This decision is handed down as an Award which is binding on the parties and which can be enforced in a court of law.


Facilitation is a process whereby we provide you with a number of options for your workplace. Often there is a requirement for structure and support around meetings, team sessions, planning, change management, conflict and emotional crisis. Therefore these options would explore what is the best way for you to achieve your desired results.

Grievance Procedures

We can assist you in the development of procedures which address grievances in the work place. We can also review your existing procedures providing you with a report and recommendations.

Conflict Control

This process provides a regular practice designed as a team tool to prevent the escalation of potential conflict. We provide guidance to enable you to set up systems and techniques to:-

  • Audit existing processes and procedures for dealing with unacceptable behaviours, disharmony, excessive sick leave, etc
  • Introduce techniques to enable early detection and identification of potential conflict, and to maintain a conflict prevention strategy.
  • Train managers, supervisors to implement a conflict prevention process.
  • Monitor the effectiveness of the process and make necessary changes.
  • Train you in maintaining the process to react to changing circumstances.
  • This approach can be included in our team maintenance training, or as a standalone service. We can provide you with regular audit or maintenance or a three, six month or annual basis. This will check your system and make any necessary recommendations for change.

Employee Control

Employee support can take many forms. We have found that often it is just the opportunity to tell the story, and to provide a point of reference for moving forwards. We have processes which can be used to help you to move forward, such as strategies, individual mediation and team sessions. To begin with, however, we will provide you with a safe, confidential and empathic way of allowing you to express your issues, without judgment or criticism. This is support for you when you need it. The next step is always up to you. We can assist you to explore which options are best for you.

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