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Environmental Mediation
Dispute Service Trial

A free service will be run during 2012 and sponsored by Councils and the EPA Board to assist parties to resolve disputes relating to environmental matters.

We offer an online REQUEST FOR MEDIATION FORM for your convience.
It is strongly recommended that you contact either Andrew Hemming or Julia Drew prior before making a referral to discuss the case and assess its suitability for mediation.

Local government is currently responsible for dealing with complaints of environmental nuisance in neighbourhood settings. Many of these complaints are resolved by Environmental Health Officers talking to the parties concerned, or through officers taking some form of compliance action under EMPCA or its various regulations.

Other complaints are not as readily dealt with because they do not have an obvious regulatory or planning solution, and may have arisen from, or been exacerbated by a breakdown in communication between the disputing parties. In these circumstances Local Government rarely has the capacity to provide a significant resolution role. However, there may be a role for mediation between the parties involved in these situations.

Get Yes Solutions Pty Ltd will provide professional mediators support during the trial period.


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